August 13, 2020
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See the comments for a better feel for what is happening in Poland.

U.S. says following events in Poland ‘very closely’ after EU probe launched

A Different View of Poland

Poland PM Szydlo defends reforms in EU Parliament

Int’l press supportive of PM Szydło’s speech in EP

Will the E.U. suspend Poland? Here are 3 reasons that’s unlikely.

Polish and EU presidents call for calm in spat over Warsaw’s reforms

Tusk breaks ranks with EU leadership on Poland

A Polish E.U. Leader Seeks Middle Ground in a Dispute With Poland

Poland invokes Nazi crimes in EU rule-of-law dispute

Poland’s “Constitutional Crisis”: Less and More Serious than it Appears

What Union does Poland want?
by Witold Waszczykowski, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Poland

NATO top brass agree to recommend changes in alliance
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The EU’s back is against the wall. It won’t go down without a dirty fight
“It is not the EU’s job to destabilise or dictate to the government of Poland, not least because the European Commission has far
less democratic legitimacy than the Polish government does.”

Poland Welcomes Increased British Military Presence

Poland Clouds NATO’s Nuanced Russia Plan

German, Polish Leaders Take Conciliatory Tone Amid Tensions

Poland’s New Government Not in Hurry to Join Euro-Finance Minister

Tusk, Duda Not Poles Apart on EU Probe of Law Changes

Video: Warsaw reinvents itself as a 21st-century city