December 15, 2019
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5 takeaways from Poland's election Poland's choice: the day after The EU elite should listen to Poland The Polish election is another rejection of the centralising EU project "Poles want a government driven by Poland's national interest, not a supranational project designed in Paris, Berlin and Brussels." Poland's eurosceptic move to the right may cause friction with EU Poland's Swing Toward the Right Poland's populist turn puts its successes at risk In Right-Wing Shift, New Polish Parliament Has No Left Wing "Gone are all of the former communists for the first time since communism fell 26 years ago..." [That's not a bad thing! - why is the Western press agonizing
over it? TM] Polish Foreign Policy After Elections: No Revolution in Sight 'The king of Poland' Jarosław Kaczyński isn't president or prime minister. He just may be Poland's most powerful politician. Remembering the Nations the Soviets Deported in Whole or in Part Can Chicago brag about the size of its Polish population?