August 14, 2020
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Poland Reiterates NATO Should Uphold Open-Door Policy

NATO’s Warsaw summit is a test the west must pass

Near Russia’s border with the Baltics, soldiers on both sides are practicing for war
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Former Red Army Base to House Poland’s Soviet-Era Monuments

Poland Risks Moscow’s Ire With Plan to Relocate War Memorials

Audio: Inside Europe: Poland reassesses its past
The Soviet legacy in Poland is still seen across the country in the form of monuments to Stalin’s Red Army.
Polish commentator bears the markings of a post Communist propagandist and his comments
need to be taken with a large dose of skepticism.

Brexit and the end of EU enlargement

The E.U.’s biggest threat is the will of its people
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Poland blames Brussels for Brexit, calls for new EU treaty

East Europe backs EU after Brexit as Poland charts looser union

UK should not be pushed to leave EU, says Polish foreign minister

Other Europeans Unhappy With EU Could Seek to Follow UK Out

Poland Seeks a Say in Post-Brexit Renewal of Europe

Britain’s 850,000 Polish citizens face backlash after Brexit vote
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Polish centre reeling after graffiti attack

Poland ‘appalled’ at alleged xenophobic abuse in UK

UK Vows Action After Racist Attacks on Poles and Muslims in Wake of Brexit

VIDEO – My Shop: Polish deli owner on her fears after the referendum

Canada to send 1,000 soldiers to boost NATO presence on Russia border
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Poland Needs Defence Industrial Cooperation With US
Peter Doran argues that Poland needs greater defense industrial cooperation with the United States.

Pope Francis says he will pray, not speak, at Auschwitz

Smallest National Park? Kosciuszko, Forgotten Son of Liberty

Born 75 years ago: Krzysztof Kieslowski, Filmmaker