August 13, 2020
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Keeping NATO Relevant and United

NATO Summit Shows Moscow a Reinvigorated Alliance

Warsaw Summit: good but not yet enough
Warsaw was the best NATO summit since the end of the Cold War. Serious people made serious decisions about serious problems.

Moscow Slams NATO For Focusing On ‘Nonexistent’ Russia Threat
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How Russia Helped NATO Rediscover Itself

NATO, Russia Considering Baltic Risk Reduction Plan

The indispensable alliance
by Janusz Bugajski

The NATO alliance Trump doesn’t see
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Resisting the revisionists: Finally, a first step

Five myths about the European Union

Poland Plans Cuts to Secret Police Pensions, Pushes to Purge Communist Past

Polish Leader Recalls 1943 Slaughter of Poles by Ukrainians

President Duda pays tribute to victims of Volhynia massacre

World War II goes on for Poland and Ukraine

Polish-Ukrainian relations worsen after Volhynia slaughter resolution

Polish Foreign Minister Warns Brexit Could Have a Domino Effect

Poland’s Duda vows anti-Semitism fight at Kielce anniversary

Polish FM meets Anti-Defamation League

Animating van Gogh’s Life With 62,450 Oil Paintings