November 23, 2019
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Washington Post writer bungles Poland
by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz
Here’s the WashPost article in question:

Protest against Unethical Reporting on Poland in the American Media
by Maria Szonert Binienda, PAC VP for Polish Affaris

Polish PM expecting apology from European Parliament chief

Polish foreign ministry claims CNN coverage ‘one-sided’
[The article does not address the question of the headline – because, of course, Poland is NOT turning away from the West – TM]

Thousands March Against Polish Government as Constitutional Spat Drags On

Thousands Rally to Support Polish Government After Opposition Protest

AP Interview: Polish Foreign Minister: Russia Sanctions Must Remain

Russia’s Fury Over Montenegro and NATO

The Meaning of Montenegro’s NATO Membership

Can NATO Deter Russia in View of the Conventional Military Imbalance in the East?

Putin has Brought the World to ‘the Brink of War,’ Gazeta Wyborcza Says

Donald Tusk’s first year as European Council president

Poland and UK ‘don’t see eye-to-eye’ on curbing benefits

Poles say Cameron admits defeat over curbs on migrant benefits

Cameron signals compromise over migrant benefit ban

Cameron cave-in on EU benefits was always just a matter of time

Time for a Reset of Polish-Lithuanian Relations?

Polish Conservatives Plan ‘Patriotic’ Hollywood Film to Boost Image

Martial law Poland – Kirk Douglas and Voice of America
by Ted Lipien

Wooden Figures in Poor Shape in Poland’s 15th-Century Altar
[Unfortunately, no pictures. ]

Poland’s President Lights Hanukkah Candle

[And, on a lighter note…] What Wojtek Did Next: A Beer-Drinking Bear in Paradise